Monday, January 18, 2016

Play Games over the Internet

The involvement human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback has been growing with time. There are plenty of different games that are available in the market. Previously there used to be arcade games which were coin operated entertainment machines. These machines were usually placed in the restaurants or bars. The golden era of the arcade games lasted from the late 1970s to the mid- 1990s. The entertainment saw a great decline in popularity as the video games consoles made the transition from 2D to 3D graphics. 

In Today’s world with the rise of Internet, games are now mostly played over the internet and one of the famous game is icy tower ( The browser games that are played on the computer over the internet using web browser use the standard web technologies. The creation of these games uses the latest web technologies as a front end and some other technologies to be used as a backend. These games mostly use adobe flash and are also known as flash games. Flash games include all video game genres and can be single as well as multiplayer. These games are highly portable unlike arcade games and can be played in multiple different devices, operating systems and web browsers. These games have several genres and themes that appeal to both regular as well as casual players. Most of the time flash games are free games and do not require any other client software that is to be installed in the system other than the web browser.

 On the other hand some games can be free but charges you money for some add on game features. The very important part of these flash games is the multiplayer form. They tend to connect to the outer world and the other players who are sitting on their PC trying to compete with you. Multiplayer browser games therefore have additional focus on the social interaction between some players or friends or on a massive scale. As they have the accessibility of browser games they are more often played in more frequency. They have shorter sessions as compared to the regular traditional computer games. One major positive factor of the flash games is that they are isolated from the hardware in a web browser, so they run on many different operating systems without the requirement to be ported to each platform

Web technologies like HTML, PHP, and JavaScript are used to make these flash games. The only problem with these games is the issues with the browser compatibility and quality. Dedicated graphics technology such as canvas and SVG allow you to fast render the vector and raster graphics respectively. Other than that the WebGL allows the hardware accelerated 3D support on the browser. Flash games have been growing with time and have been really popular. Although it has been of great progress but looking into it in some angle shows that these browser games distractions has caused some users to spend more time than they are supposed to. This time might look very less but as we consider the whole mass using internet and its time cost the value is vast.