Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Online games - Wear the gear and GAME ON!

Video games are huge in the virtual world. Anyone who loves gaming now has a huge platform to play with millions of other like-minded people. From the most casual gamer to the hardcore gamer, the online community has something for everyone. What is the biggest advantage of playing online? Well, as a gamer you always look to compete with someone. It's not always about a singular experience but a multiplayer experience. The adrenaline rush that one feels when playing against another is a different feeling altogether, especially if you are winning. The games online have grown exceptionally more competitive over the years. Some of the best online games out now are:

  1. SECOND LIFEThis game is known for the social experience. It is like a facebook for gamers. The amount of things that can be done in Second life is insane. From in depth character customization to creating your very own club, the idea is to give the player a sandbox where they can be anything and do anything. The role playing community is large and the player base is also quite high. You can experience most of the game for free but you can pay for extra features.
  2. MINICLIP GAMESThe largest website for fun games such as gangster games. They have the largest library of small games that have short playtimes like crazy taxi, boggle, chess, etc. It is made competitive by creating a scoreboard. This too is very much for casual gamers who just want to spend a few hours playing some small games. A game you should try is "Plague Inc" which has become its own game and now on sale in steam.
  3. TEAM FORTRESS 2The FPS (First Person Shooter) genre is one of the most intense competitive game genres out there. The biggest pillars of this community are games like Counter Strike 1.6 or Call of Duty. Though the most fun is no doubt is the Team Fortress 2, which you can play on steam for free. It has got the largest player base out there, with years of amazing patches and updates. It can be played on most systems smoothly. The community also gives the players the chance to create material for the game and there is always a sense of belonging in this community. The mechanics are simple, the maps are fantastic and the game modes are amazing. It's also one of the few games that feel very balanced and also requires a lot of teamwork unlike other shooters.
  4. AIONAion is a Korean based game that recently went international. It is probably one of the better looking free online games out there. It has a variety of classes to choose from and the mechanics are very intuitive. Gamers especially liked how a certain skill can be chained to another and also the Player Vs Player and Player Vs Enemies battles are well developed and the game allows for a balanced enough gameplay.

Free games have reached a certain stage where it is easy to register and easier to play. So get on and start. 

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